National Council of Jewish Women of Canada

Dear Member, Our world has turned upside down with the unwelcome arrival of Covid-19. Coming to an almost standstill in mid-March, we are only beginning to see glimmers of recovery. How has this affected women? Balancing a life of family, work and community,.. ...Read more
Irwin Cotler, Chair of the Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights, Professor Emeritus of Law at McGill University and former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada was the keynote speaker at the International Council of Jewish Women Spring Executive Meeting in Toronto on May 26 . ...Read more
Jun 16

Celebrating 122 Years

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On June 27th, we celebrated the installation of the commemorative plaque created by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada and Parks Canada outside of 44 St. George Street, our first home. ...Read more
As the days get shorter, and the temperature drops, we are reminded that winter is upon us. Before we know it, Chanukah will be here. ...Read more
Such excitement for NCJWC! We have established a new section, the first new section to be established in Canada since the 1970s ...Read more
This year our AGM was held in Winnipeg and was a great success. This was my first full AGM that I ran since becoming President of NCJWC. The agenda was full, and the atmosphere powerful. The National body meets formally only once per year over 2 days; not a long period of time. Those in attendance were totally engaged and were all involved in the discussions and decisions made. ...Read more
It was an honour and privilege to attend the ICJW Convention in Australia May 27-30. Debbie Wasserman, NCJWC President and I were the 2 representatives from Canada. This was my first time in Australia and it was a wonderful experience. ...Read more

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Commemoration of the National Historic Significance of the National Council of Jewish Women of Canada ...Read more
On October 22, 2017, NCJWC and NCJWC Toronto celebrated their 120 th anniversary at a celebratory luncheon at Temple Sinai Congregation in Toronto ...Read more
Join us in calling on VPD Chief Palmer to have the Vancouver Police Department offer women protection of the law by arresting johns and pimps! ...Read more
Please join us as we celebrate the 120th anniversaries of National Council of Jewish Women of Canada and NCJWC Toronto. ...Read more
Jun 06

Happy 120th Birthday NCJWC!

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Ottawa Councilletes Left to right: Hinda (nee Craft) from Winnipeg; Diane ...Read more
Wednesday, May 10, 2017 was an historic day for National Council of Jewish Women of Canada, Toronto ...Read more
Congratulations to Debby Altow, Vancouver Section ...Read more
May 14

Herczeg Seminar in Tel Aviv 2017

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Attending the Herczeg Seminar in Tel Aviv was a highlight I will not soon forget. ...Read more
May 10

Human Trafficking Awareness Day

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We are pleased to announce that the human trafficking committee led by Rachel Ornoy ...Read more
NCJW Canada and NCJW Toronto Section are celebrating their 120th Anniversary in 2017 ...Read more
Special thanks go to Dr. Cheryl Rockman, who is a highly regarded and award winning geneticist ...Read more
Did you know that there are 16,000 children in our city, suburbs, and collar counties ...Read more