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Nasrin Sotoudeh has been unjustly imprisoned in Iran for over two years.   National Council of Jewish Women of Canada partnered with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute to present this outstanding film of her life as part of an international effort to free her.  The panelists for the Q&A included Professor Irwin Cotler, the movie’s producer and writer, and Ms Shaparak Shajarizadeh, an activist now living in Canada whom Nasrin helped to escape.  

You are invited to click here to watch, on YouTube, the panelists discuss the making of the film, its importance and answer audience questions.



The National Council of Jewish Women of Canada is a voluntary organization which, in the spirit of Judaism, is dedicated to furthering human welfare in the Jewish and general communities Locally, Nationally and Internationally. Through an integrated program of education, service and social action, the organization helps to fulfil unmet needs and to serve the individual and the community.

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President’s Message Chanukah 2020

Past Chanukahs were met with anticipation as we looked forward to celebrating the festival with family and friends.  This year things are so different, but the festival can still be meaningful and special.  So many of us have embraced technology.  For many written cards, letters and telephone calls have morphed into facetime and Zoom get togethers.  We just have to be inventive, finding new ways to be together.

Since the onset of Covid 19 in March, NCJWC has been working hard to stay connected to our Council family and the community.  In the Fall we presented an extraordinarily successful Webinar Series on Women and Justice. This 4- part series featured 4 esteemed presenters who spoke on aspects of justice and women dealing with medicine, the law, social action, and finance.  Our series culminated at our Annual General Meeting in October, when Anat Hoffman, an Israeli activist who serves as Executive Director of the Israel Religious Action Centre, spoke to us from Israel.

On Sunday January 10th NCJWC will be streaming the film Nasrin – a movie filmed in Iran in secret about Nasrin Sotoudeh, an Iranian human rights lawyer,  who has been imprisoned for her commitment to defend human right issues, especially with respect to women’s issues.  The plight of Nasrin was presented to us at an International Council of Jewish Women executive meeting in Toronto in May 2019 by our keynote speakers, the Honourable Irwin Cotler.  We will show this movie, in its entirety, followed by a panel discussion featuring the Honourable Irwin Cotler, Shaparak Shajarizadeh (who received the 2020 Morris B. Abram Human Rights Award from UN Watch), and the filmmakers, Marcia Ross and Jeff Kaufman.  We are so fortunate to be able to share this incredible story with all of you.  Please look for the marketing information that will be coming shortly.

Times may be different, but we must all try to see the cup half full, as opposed to half empty.  Our Sections are continuing to reach out – presenting excellent programs available on Zoom for not only their Sections, but for all members of NCJWC to appreciate.  Sections are reaching out to continue their holiday programs in novel ways, ensuring their commitment to their projects continues in some way.

Internationally, we continue to be involved with the International Council of Jewish Women.   Their work has continued throughout the pandemic. The international meetings are a challenge as the 38 affiliates live across many time zones.  Being innovative, ICJW has been able to continue to meet with all its affiliates.

As you can see, NCJWC is committed to continue our efforts to affect positive change, letting no obstacles stand in our path.  Be proud of your involvement in our organization.  

Happy Chanukah to all!


Debbie Wasserman
President, NCJWC

Debbie Wasserman, President