National Council of Jewish Women of Canada


Edmonton Section was one of the first Canadian sections of NCJWC, having been established in 1920.

As well as their support for numerous causes in the Jewish and general communities, Edmonton Section has been instrumental in developing and assisting in the development of programs that recognize and address the needs of children and seniors.

In the past, NCJWC women oversaw studies and lobbied the Provincial governments about the importance of education at the kindergarten level. As a result of Edmonton Section’s efforts, the Alberta government decided to include kindergarten as part of the public school system.

Our section helped to start and fund the Norwood Head Start Program, a preschool program which, in 2013, will be celebrating its 50th year. Edmonton Section founded the city’s Jewish Seniors’ Drop-In Centre (formerly the Golden Age Club) in 1954.

Currently Edmonton Section is involved in the following projects:

  • Talmud Torah hot lunch program and children’s choir
  • With assistance from NCJW, our section helps Jewish Family Services with the SMART (Seniors Making Age-Related Transitions) Program. The SMART program is directed to any Jewish senior, 55 years of age and older, in Edmonton. For more information, contact
  • A proud sponsor of the Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Society conference
  • Participant in the 2017 Women’s Health Forum

NCJWC Edmonton

NCJWC Simcoe County

Such excitement for NCJWC! We have established a new section, the first new section to be established in Canada since the 1970’s!

A member of Toronto Section, Helen Silverstein, moved to the Innisfil area in Ontario a few years ago. Getting to know her new community she realized that there was no organization like ours for the Jewish women calling Simcoe County their home.

On Monday November 12, 2018, 22 women from the Simcoe County region (an area only about one hour north of Toronto) met at a Helen’s home for an evening to meet one another and be introduced to the concept of creating a Section of NCJWC in this region. That night the NCJWC spark was lit. Debbie Wasserman, the National President and Linda Steinberg, the National Vice President of Service and Education attended the meeting to bring the NCJWC concept to the group. The enthusiastic response to our mission was amazing. 10 people immediately joined NCJWC with the others showing much interest. A group was formed. A steering committee was quickly organized and five days later this group met to plan strategy and create a vision for this new Section.

The women loved our raison d’etre as a catalyst for change fighting to ensure the rights of women, children and families, the disabled and new Canadians through service, education and social action.

It has not yet been two weeks since the inception of this group. This small group is very diverse. There are women who have lived in this community their whole lives, others who have recently moved in. There are people who have retired here, others who have young families and want a simpler life than living in a big city. Coming from all walks of life and all ages, these women have one thing in common. They are all looking for a Jewish connection which will give them a purpose to do good within their community. Already young members have planned a Chanukah party, a book group is being formed, and mitzvah knitters are busy knitting for a community project. Two more meetings of the Section are in the works. The women of this community are eager to make a difference.

NCJWC welcomes Simcoe County Section to the NCJWC family! We are all anxious to see what wonderful inroads they will make within their community. Anyone interested in finding out more about Simcoe County Section can visit their FB page NCJWC Simcoe County or contact Helen Silverstein at

NCJWC Toronto


Toronto Section initiated NCJW in Canada in 1897. For almost 120 years, Toronto Section has been at the forefront in serving the needs of the Jewish and general communities through education, service and social action.

At its start, Toronto Section organized classes, teaching integration skills for new Canadian female immigrants including English lessons and sewing classes. Our Section was instrumental in lobbying the Ontario Provincial Government to include Junior Kindergarten in the public school system. This gave children an early start on education and social skills.

Toronto Section continues its mandate to address the ever changing needs of the community. Some of our current programs include:

  • Lunch and Learn weekly senior’s program
  • Hosting and contributing to a Chanukkah party for clients of Jewish Immigrant Aid Society (JIAS)
  • Passover Food Drive
  • Bought and Sold in Toronto - A Personal Story of Human Trafficking
  • Health Issues annual event, this year dealing with Living and Treating Chronic Pain
  • Just For Me Backpack project for back-to-school readiness of JF & CS clients
  • L’Chaim Cancer Support Group – for Jewish Women
  • The Toronto Jewish Quilting Project – quilts for those suffering with cancer
  • Mitzvah Knitters – our newest project

Visit: for more information on Toronto Section.


NCJWC Toronto
4700 Bathurst St.
Toronto, ON M2R 1W8
416-633- 5100

NCJWC Vancouver


NCJWC, Vancouver Section was established in 1924 and is dedicated to addressing the needs of the Jewish and general communities through advocacy, education and service.

Vancouver Section continues to develop innovative programs that identify and address the concerns of our community.

Some of our current programs include:

  • Transplants, Organ Donation and Judaism: What You Should Know event
  • Lunch and Learn speaker series
  • Operation Dress up
  • Book for Kids

Visit: for more information on Vancouver Section.


NCJWC Vancouver
302-950 West 41 st Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2N7
604-257- 5180

NCJWC Winnipeg


Winnipeg Section was founded in 1925 and for many years served as the Head Office for NCJWC. As well, many women from Winnipeg Section have served as president of NCJWC.

Winnipeg Section is dedicated to serving the needs of the Jewish and general communities through service, education and social action.

**Please note that our address has changed to 620 Brock St, Winnipeg, MB R3N 0Z4

Our continuing programming includes:

  • Addictions issues
  • Young Professionals' Branch Coffee & Careers (professional development and mentoring)
  • Backpack program
  • Women's Health Education
  • Participation in Organ Donation Week each April
  • Books for Kids
  • Purim Mishloach Manot baskets for JCFS
  • Genetic Disease Awareness programming at Gray Academy
  • Human Trafficking Awareness Day activities each March
  • Hosting Citizenship Court
  • Support for Operation Ezra (Yazidi Refugees)
  • and much more....

In the works…

  • Winnipeg Jewish Recovery and Resource Centre
  • Development of Services for 22-35 year olds

Visit: for more information on Winnipeg Section.


NCJWC Winnipeg
620 Brock St.
Winnipeg, MB R3N 0Z4
204-339- 7291