National Council of Jewish Women of Canada


ALUMA, also known as IFCA, Israel Family Counselling Association, was established in Tel Aviv in 1954. It is a centre for counselling and treatment of couples, families and individuals. It was a pioneer institution, the first such center in Israel devoted to the field of therapeutic treatment for couples and families. It is a non-profit organization and the only center in its field, in the central region of Israel, that makes it possible for anyone to receive therapy, regardless of their place of residence, origin, religion or economic circumstances.

NCJWC is the only Jewish organization in Canada that is helping to support this vital service.

ALUMA is dependent on donations. With very limited resources ALUMA is striving to help meet a constant need for counselling, in a country under enormous stress. National Council of Jewish Women of Canada has helped keep this vital service alive. We are very passionate and proud of our long-standing commitment to ALUMA, and will continue in our efforts to make a difference.