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The National Council of Jewish Women of Canada is a voluntary organization which, in the spirit of Judaism, is dedicated to furthering human welfare in the Jewish and general communities Locally, Nationally and Internationally. Through an integrated program of education, service and social action, the organization helps to fulfil unmet needs and to serve the individual and the community.

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What a wonderful time to become National Council of Jewish Women of Canada’s new President! It is a great honour and privilege to become the President of such an established, well respected and vital organization.

We work in the communities in which we live, within the Jewish and non-Jewish cultures, attempting to lessen the hardships of so many people and acting to affect positive change. We have provided a forum for advocacy: our Canadian Jewish women speak and work to make a difference for people of all ages, religious backgrounds and races.

NCJWC is the only Canadian affiliate of the International Council of Jewish Women ( ). We advocate for the freedom, rights and betterment of women and children throughout the world through our work with non-governmental organizations.

It is not the work alone that keeps those involved so engaged. Our commitment to each other, cemented by the ties of sisterhood and camaraderie, gives us strength, enthusiasm and effectiveness in purpose and our ability to be a catalyst for change.

Today, NCJWC is working on many projects. Our efforts continue to educate the public about human trafficking occurring not only globally but in our own backyards, and advocating for governmental changes to discourage the perpetrators.

Working to educate young Jewish people about Jewish Genetic diseases will continue to be a major focus. Recently we have produced a new brochure targeted to Jewish women of childbearing age that identifies the Jewish genetic diseases that a simple blood test can now detect. Through our website, we will strive to become the authority in Canada as the Jewish Genetic Diseases resource, where people can come to ask questions and the questions will be answered or the person will be referred to an authority in their area to consult.

For the first time in many years, our new Slate of Officers include representation from all of our Sections. This will help in keeping all Sections attuned to what is being discussed at the National level, and will encourage more trans section participation. We will help to strengthen our Sections across Canada, and strive to increase our reach within the country.

NCJWC is a strong, vibrant organization that has thrived for 120 years in Canada. By being true to our mandate of service, education and social action, we have always responded to needs and troubles within our communities that could benefit from our involvement and dedication. Tackling countless issues over the decades, on societal, economic and political fronts, we have always faced challenges with creativity and wisdom.

There is no doubt that our raison d’etre continues to be relevant. We will remain on our positive trek with strength and enthusiasm. I look with great anticipation to the journey on which we will embark, conquering the challenges we meet and taking advantage of the opportunities that are set before us. Together, we will build our future.

Debbie Wasserman

Debbie Wasserman, President