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The National Council of Jewish Women of Canada is a voluntary organization which, in the spirit of Judaism, is dedicated to furthering human welfare in the Jewish and general communities Locally, Nationally and Internationally. Through an integrated program of education, service and social action, the organization helps to fulfil unmet needs and to serve the individual and the community.

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In 1897, 4 years after NCJW had been established in Chicago, NCJWC-Toronto Section was born. It was the first Jewish Women's organization in Canada. Today, we have sections in Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver. It was then and still is a volunteer service organization dedicated to identifying Jewish and Non-Jewish community needs and providing leadership, energy, and financial resources to bring about meaningful changes. Faith and Humanity continue to be a guiding principle of National Council of Jewish Women of Canada. There is an abiding faith in the future and an equally strong belief in the ultimate good that results in the practice of a humane way of life.

Through integrated programs of Education, Service and Social Action, NCJWC helps fulfill needs and serve the individual and community.

We are a unique bridge between the haves and have nots, between Jewish and secular cultures, between Canadian,Israeli and international initiatives. In our name you will find a proud history of more than a century of action and advocacy, of struggle and success in advancing social justice and human welfare.

NCJWC stands alone in the "bridge" capacity. Since 1897, we have provided a forum for advocacy: our Canadian Jewish women speak and work for civil rights, women’s and children’s rights, public health, day care, education and programming for the elderly. The work of these Canadian women, these Council women have made a profound difference for people of diverse ages, races and religious backgrounds.

NCJWC is a member of the International Council of Jewish Women We advocate for the freedom, rights and betterment of women throughout the world through our work with non-governmental organizations at the United Nations. In Israel, we lobby on behalf of those women who are kept captive by unfair divorce laws (Agunot).

In order to continue the work we do nationally, we have the Vital Connections Fundraising Campaign. By donating to Vital Connections, you ensure that your voice is heard across Canada, and Internationally.

Sharon Allentuck

Sharon Allentuck, President